For Opportunity, For Society…


C4DR is a series of new, international ‘digital foundry and insight centres’ harnessing the key technologies of the modern industrial revolution, as opportunity for business and a force for good in society.

The Modern Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live and work, sometimes at dizzying speeds. The pace of change is unsettling for some, particularly those whose jobs and industries are being threatened by technology.

At C4DR we are designing Opportunity Programmes and Insight Challenges, and running a Corporate Foundry where we are building the digital businesses of tomorrow with startups and corporates alike.

These are perfectly encapsulated when we say: “For Opportunity, For Society.” This means we will help corporates and startups figure out how to take advantage of these technologies, while at the same time using our expertise to run custom Digital Insight Challenges to help government and society learn how to cope and thrive with the changes. We will be demonstrating this in custom centres we’re establishing in five countries over the next three years.

Opportunity Programs

We’re creating custom “Opportunity Programmes” to capture emerging breakthroughs in the application of four key technologies of the future

Future Foundry

The digital transformation of industries from money to music to media has some giants genuinely concerned for the future.  So we’ve created a corporate foundry to help them stay future-ready.

Digital Insight Challenges

Many people fear the Digital Revolution will destroy more jobs than it creates.